Your Tooth Is Missing: Best Fails of the Week (November 2017) | FailArmy

Sometimes it’s better to have failed than try not at all (right?). This week we’ve got a bride who throws her bouquet a little to high, a boyfriend body slamming his girlfriend and a dog who can’t quite nail the jump. Have a video of your own? Submit it at!


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Woman Can’t Skimboard
Skiing on Grass
Power Kite Drags Person Across Field
Guy Falls Off Scooter Trying to Avoid Hitting Dog
Guy Flies Off Skateboard and Into Log
Guy Faceplants Trying to Ride Down Stairs
Woman Falls Off Dance Pole
Girl Gets Knocked Down by Large Wave
Guy Breaks Tree in Half While Climbing It
Clumsy Dog Falls off Tree
Partners Fail Cartwheel Exercise
Guy Fails Backflip on Beach
Boy Bounces Balloon off Ceiling Fan
Guy Fails to Jump on Balance Ball
Little Dog Humps Bigger Dog
Toddler Spins on Playground Equipment
Dog Misses Jump Into Car
Guy Tries to Drive Forklift With Broken Wheel
Guy Fails to Jump Over Tree Branch
Guy Tries to Throw Bottle Into Trashcan Behind His Back
Fish Attacks Diver Following It
Guy Trips Across Sand
Woman Falls to the Floor After Falling Asleep
Kid Kicks Uncle in the Balls
Kid Fails BMX Rail Trick
Girl Loses Control of Bike Going Down Steps
Passing Elephant Picks up Camera
Girl Loses Shoe Doing Cartwheel
Drunk Guy Wrecks Glass Door With Motorcycle
Guy Loses Retainer While Zip Lining
Guy Into Stove While Attempting Handstand
Motorcycle While Attempting Wheelie
Girl Breaks Through Trampoline
Guy Knocks Kid Over While Going Down Slide
Guy Flips Off Overwater Bungalow and Belly Flops
Guy Jumps and Breaks Light During Band Practice
Construction Worker Falls off Ladder
Guy Tries to Fight Wave
Ceiling Fan Cuts Bouquet



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