17-year-old Mckenzie Strange received an exceptional beverage in the bag lunch her mom had packed for her on Tuesday morning. It was a Four Loko.

Remember those? While a Four Loko can is nearly indistinguishable from the wide array of energy drinks/Arizona teas, there are those multiple labels on the can that say “CONTAINS ALCOHOL” and “12% ALC/VOL”, labels that Mckenzie’s mom missed while throwing together her daughter’s lunch.


Naturally, daughter texted mom to see what was up.


In case you were wondering why the family even has Four Lokos in the downstairs fridge (I know I was), Mckenzie told BuzzFeed that it was her 23-year-old brother’s. Say no more.

Mckenzie’s mom was shocked at her mistake but was a good sport about it, especially considering the trouble her daughter would’ve found herself in had a teacher discovered her fun little lunch drink.  “She said, ‘I need to get a cup of coffee before I try and pack lunches from now on.’” True!

Also Mckenzie is a better man than I. Had my mom packed a Four Loko in my lunch/had my mom ever packed me a lunch I would’ve been very excited indeed.