Top 20 Trends in 2017 Trend Report – Futurist Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche

The Trends in 2017 Trend Report is futurist keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche’s annual deep dive into future trends for the year ahead — plus it comes with a downloadable 2017 trend report forecast from Trend Hunter & Future Festival – “The World’s Best Innovation Conference!” Download the 2017 Trend Report at:

Please note that the Trends in 2017 Trend Report is based on micro trends, which are more specific than what is normally in Trend Hunter’s futurist keynotes and trend forecasts. In addition, Jeremy’s futurist keynote speaker content includes a lot more about how to make change and innovation happen. If you are looking for a keynote speech on the future and innovation, search for his Better and Faster keynote. ALSO note, there will be a separate mega trends keynote speech which focuses on the higher level trends and more distant future BEYOND the 2017 trends.

If you would like to become a futurist yourself, or you want to experience all of Trend Hunters futurist keynotes, you need to attend our Future Festival for a full innovation conference that brings the Trends in 2017 Trend Report to life! You’ll experience z dozen keynote speakers on innovation, creativity and the future.

This year, Future Festival is expanding to 7 cities with 1 day innovation and trend conferences in 6 cities. These power-packed events include the full list of futurist speakers, the 2017 Trend Report and innovation speeches.

March 7 – 2017 Trends and Innovation Conference in LA
March 9 – 2017 Future Trend Conference in Las Vegas
March 14 – 2017 Trend Report & Future Predictions in New York
March 16 – 2017 Trends Conference in Chicago
March 30 – 2017 Futurist Speaker Conference in London
April 6 – 2017 Creativity and Future Conference in Orlando
Sept 27-29 – Futurist Festival in Toronto with all Futurist Keynote Speaker talks, Trend Safaris, Trend Keynotes and Innovation Workshop

The above events will include keynote speakers on innovation, keynote speakers on trends and futurist keynotes to help you identify your own 2017 trends and 2017 forecasts.

More Futurist Conference info at:

… and Innovation & Futurist Keynote Speaker info at:

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