Throwback Thursday Fails: This Water’s Gross!! || FailArmy

Throwback Thursday is here!! We’re pulling some of our favorite old fails including girl fails, gym fails, and parkour fails! Enjoy Throwback Thursday, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Have a few of your own? Submit them to!!

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Girl Slips and Falls off Dock
Kid Falls Off Playground Swing
Dog Pushes Cat off Stairs
Baby Scared of Dad’s Sneeze
Man Meets Plastic Chair
Girl Headbutts Boyfriend’s Nuts
Kid Lands on Head after Doing Backflip
Cat Falls into Cardboard Box
Guy Peeing Falls in Water
Unmanned Tractor Drives Through Parking Lot
Girl in Bikini Falls Down Stairs n/a
Man Hits Friend with Golf Ball
Boat Parking Catastrophe
Teen Crashes Into Car
Skier Crashes into Small Tree
Couple Falls into Wall at Movie Theater
Man Slips into Creek
Girls Fail Balancing Each Other
Duo Fails to Do Acro Yoga Properly
Dirt Biker Falls into Creek
Girl Gets Hit in the Head by Guitar
Snowmobile Crashes on Top of Rider
Bride’s Brother Drops Wedding Cake
Guy Pushes Friend Over on Caster Board
Girls Pile on Each Other
Little Boy Flies over Handle Bars
Snowboarder Crashes and Flips over Rail
Girl Tries to Shoot Gun with Safety On
Man Takes Down Little Kid at Ice Rink
5-Year-Old Almost Hits Dad with Arrow
Two Girls Slide off ATV during Wheelie
BMX Rider Can’t Wall Ride
Scaredy Cat Frightened by Cucumber
White Van Crashes into Tow Line
Teacher Falls in the Middle Class
Mountain Biker Breaks Collarbone
Girl Falls off Chair Making Video
Intentionally Throwing a Ball under Treadmill n/a
Skateboarder Slams Butt on Cement
Girl Gets Bit on Butt by Monkey
Cat Lunges at Owner
Newborn Horse Falls after Sneezing
Bicyclist Taken Out by Parking Gate
Man with Chainsaw Falls into River
Cat Tries to Break Aquarium Glass
BMXer Falls Doing Icepick Grind
Teen Breaks Collarbone Flipping Over on Bike
Driver Crashes during Hill Climb Race
Car Crashes into Big Clock
Grandpa Faceplants Snow
Girl Falls while Dancing but Saves Drink
College Student Falls Off Stage during Fashion Show
Double Swing Flip Fail
Cucumber Scares Two Cats
Zip Line Crash
Father of the Bride Pants Fall
Motorcyclist Runs over Kid
Backpacker Falls on Nuts Crossing River
Girl Falls Trying to Cross River
Eagles Try to Steal Camera
First Timer Crashes on Scooter



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