Throwback Fails: Everybody Sing!! (February 2018) | FailArmy

Throwback Fails is back! We’ve got a few people singing who should probably sit that one out, a few funny kids including a boxing duo, and a guy who’s had it with a fence blocking the bike lane. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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Bearded Skateboarder Fails Grind
Kid Slips Near Pool Attempting Kung Fu
Guy Tries to Walk on a Slackline for the First Time
Boy Bounces Faces off Exercise Ball
Driver Tries to Fit Tiny Car in Large Parking Space
Guys Crash and Fall Off Canoe
Guy Tries to Get out of Boat
Guy Gets Stuck at Top of Ramp
Guy Tries to Jump Through Moving Swing Multiple Times
Kid Falls While Kicking Tennis Ball in Kitchen
Security Cam Catches Guy Scratch and Sniffs Butt
Father Gets Stuck on a Rope Swing
Guy Tries to Do Trick on Bike with Cigarette in Mouth
Swing Hits Guy’s Head
Drone Flies out of Control and Crashes into Pond
Guy Falls Off Canoe Into River
Guy Gets Hit Trying to Catch Drone with Bare Hands
Guy Attempting Parkour Stunt Flips over Wall
Little Girl Tries to Mom Breakfast
Motorcycle Crashes With Truck
Woman Falls Off Table While Singing and Dancing
Girl Faceplants During Table Dance
Skier Attempts Backflip
Toddler Falls Jumping Into Pool
Bit By Seagull
Rock Formation Swallows Girl
Snake Found in Lettuce
Sister Knocks Brother Out While Boxing
Office Gift Wrapping Prank
Praying Mantis Suicide
Furious Bicycle Guy Moves Fence
Bird Steals Girl’s Underwear
Baby Girl Peels Mom’s Fake Eyelash Off
Man Waxes His Nose Hair
Guy in Dinosaur Costume Scares Kids
Girl Tries Apple Cider Vinegar
Girl Stumped By Riddle
Guy Puts Stick Bugs on Face
Cat Sombrero
Kid Rips Tablet From Shelf
Girl Falls On Her Butt Off High Bars

Throwback Fails: Everybody Sing!! (February 2018) | FailArmy



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