Tanks Through The Streets: Throwback Thursday (January 2018) | FailArmy

Thursday is time to kick back and enjoy some Throwbacks. Today we have a tank going rogue on city streets, a baby elephant that can’t keep up, and some hilarious bails. Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to a popsicle? Let us know in the comments!

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Girl Gets Tongue Stuck On a Popsicle
Guy Attempts to Backflip From Trampoline Into Pool
Girl Breaks Slide https://goo.gl/MJMxb2
Lead Singer Trips Off Stage https://goo.gl/5KzTbH
Quad Driver Crashes into Lake https://goo.gl/3bgv1p
Man Tries to Ride A Snowmobile in the River
Guy Attempts Backflip with Small Tricycle and Crashes
Truck Accidentally Breaks Gate
Guy Tries to Copy Friend and Flip into Pool https://goo.gl/B2fRNS
Dog Can’t Get Through Gate with Long Stick https://goo.gl/zW3LeY
Couple’s Photo Ruined by Wave https://goo.gl/1rwc4E
Rob Adelberg Crashes on the Other Side of Ramp During Ruler Backflip Attempt https://goo.gl/sKExwH
Woman Loses Dentures While Biting Cake https://goo.gl/7Z1Y2c
Man on Homemade Slip n Slide https://goo.gl/ZTgL8K
Guy Attempts to Backflip From Trampoline Into Pool https://goo.gl/kAA5kL
Dog Can’t Get Through Gate with Long Stick https://goo.gl/9zfKGM
Little Girl Spins Steel Pole Around Very Fast https://goo.gl/5tFZDK
Girl Gets Tongue Stuck On a Popsicle https://goo.gl/udM7dK
Wakeboarder Breaks Fence https://goo.gl/9fvRjw
Brother Shoves Dandelion in Sister’s Mouth
Boy on Inflatable Alligator
Rob Adelberg Crashes on the Other Side of Ramp During Ruler Backflip Attempt https://goo.gl/Jio3p8
Guy Breaks Glass Doing Corkscrew Flip https://goo.gl/KNdDQJ
Man Attempts To Load an ATV on a Pickup Truck https://goo.gl/AaMk7L
SUV into Train https://goo.gl/Q8SbZS
Jed Mildon and Kurtis Downs Attempt Tandem Backflip and Falls https://goo.gl/BKFa3B
itten Tries to Catch Computer Cursor https://goo.gl/EmZwWb
Man Down Porch Stairs https://goo.gl/dBL2w3
Girl into a Chair
Guy After Flipping off Trampoline https://goo.gl/Z6S5nc
Man into Laundry Basket https://goo.gl/TufpfK
Baby Elephant Chases Birds https://goo.gl/7rxUzg
Girl Trips Over Luggage
Kids Attempt Gymnastics Trick and Fail
Derby Racer Flips Over https://goo.gl/U4ME4S
Longboarder Runs Into Camera https://goo.gl/DQkczT
Man Stumbles Off Ski Chairlift https://goo.gl/samrnm
Girl slips with Pillow
Todd Meyn Gets Really Bad Haircut https://goo.gl/3RQQ2C
Guy During High Bar Practice
UTV Down Hill
BMX Rider Attempts 720 Spin Off QP Wall and Falls https://goo.gl/1Xj7B1
Guy Motorcycle Attempting to Wheelie https://goo.gl/X8qGLG
Biker Off and Accidentally Trips Friend https://goo.gl/jBqVeL
Man Off Roof Trying to Jump in Pool https://goo.gl/QHLKUf
Man Gets Golf Ball While Taking a Selfiec https://goo.gl/8Di4MQ
Cheerleader After Backflip https://goo.gl/ZksJry
Boy Falls and Scorpions While Running on the Beach https://goo.gl/2jUatG
Motorcyclist into car https://goo.gl/hUqEjA
Man on Bar During Backflip
Teen on Rope Swing into Tree https://goo.gl/5uGnTW
Segways Suddenly Stop https://goo.gl/sT5MxJ
Buffalo Feeding Goes Out of Control
Friends Fall Off Moving Car https://goo.gl/w7ipWW
Girl Flips Off Diving Board and Does Bellyflop https://goo.gl/kPjxBV
Man Gets Crushed by Barbell https://goo.gl/d9TP67
Gender Reveal Box Falls on Kid https://goo.gl/JgknSq
Two Skateboarders Fall Together After Trick Attempt https://goo.gl/JnPjAJ
Tank Crashes into Lamp Post https://goo.gl/npPLcc
Dog Jumps on Boy Trying to Get Bubbles
Dirt Biker Nose Dives on Trail
Guy Falls off Chair While Singing https://goo.gl/Swhft1
Guy Flops into Foam Pit https://goo.gl/i4hzEE
Plastic Plate Flies Off SUV and Crashes into Car https://goo.gl/HDf9Fg
Man Breaks Ramp Attempting Stunt on Bike https://goo.gl/zKikDs
Motorcyclist Attempt to Get Up Steep Hill https://goo.gl/1xrLkQ
Man Falls Trying to Jump Over Fence https://goo.gl/RsymY2
Lion Attacks Car on Safari Ride https://goo.gl/q2QM21
Cat Launches Toy in Other Cat’s Face https://goo.gl/eWkVte
Guy Eats it on High Bar https://goo.gl/nCGZJ4
Light Post Falls on Vehicle https://goo.gl/YRER9A

Tanks Through The Streets: Throwback Thursday (January 2018) | FailArmy



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