Summer vs Winter Fails (June 2018) | FailArmy

Get out your sunscreen and mittens out, here comes summer vs. winter fails. Have a laugh at hilarious fails featuring snowboarding fails, summer camp fails, and more summer and. winter fun. Let us know which is your favorite in the comments below!


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Woman Falls Off Paddleboard
Skier Tries to Make it Down Mountain
Wakeboarder Wipes Out Attempting Trick
Man Falls Through Roof
Wakeboarder Immediately Falls into the Water
Kitesurfer Smashes into the Water
Daredevil has Painful Landing after Cliff Dive
Slip N Slide Sneak Faceplant
Guy Faceplants on Beach After Front Flip
Girl in Bikini Fails at Backflip
Guy Jumps from Trash Can to Kiddie Pool
Guy Falls Off Rope Swing
Girl Tries to Pull Prank but Fails
Water Slide Turn Causes Backup
Two Girls, One Tub
Snowboarding Bikini Girl Slips and Falls
This Bikini Girl has a bad Time with Ice Bucket Challenge
Naked Skier Half Pipe Fail
Guy Front Flips onto Butt
Guy Has Fun on Snow Patches
Guy on Snow Tube Wipes Out
Man Wipes Out While Trying to Pond-skim
Skier Wearin a speedo Wipes Out
Snowboarder Runs into Wall of Snow
Woman Slams into sand while attempting to do a cannonball
Snowboarder Flies Off and Wipes Out
Wakeboarder Wipes Out Attempting Trick
Guy on Sled Runs into Tree
Guy Purposely Bellyflops into Water
Man Breaks Rope Swing
Man Fails at Backflip off BOAT
Backflip off diving board faceplant
Snowmobile Crash in Bikini
Wakeboarding Pipe Face Smash
Kid in Inner Tube Sliding Down Hill



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