Sticks and Stones (July 2018) | FailArmy

Sticks and stones WILL break your bones! We have another great compilation for you! We have ill fated cliff jumps, trees falling, and more! Submit your videos to


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Guy Falls Attempting to Jump Across Rock
Cat Gets Twig Stuck on Tail
Rally Car Crashes into Stone Pile
Drummer Hits Himself in Eye with Stick
Kid Faceplants Trying to Skip Rocks in Between His Legs
Tree Branch Selfie Stick Ends Badly
Construction Worker Attempts to Use Shovel like Pogo Stick
Dog with Stick Can’t Fit Through Door
Rally Car Throws Flying Stone into Guy’s Nuts
Fake Pole Vault Creek Jump Fail
Kid Cries After Falling Off Skateboard
Flying Piece of Wood Hits Guy’s Eyebrow
Kid Faceplants into Rocks
Bicyclist Crashes into Tree
Cliff Jump Hits Rock and Falls
Real Life Tarzan Fail
Rock to Rock Water Jump Fail
Guy Accidentally Hits Own Balls with Stick
Girl Hurts Butt on Rock while Crossing Stream
Friends Clothesline Themselves with Log
Guy Slams into Rock Sliding Down Stream
Man Falls Off Ladder after Branch Falls
Surfer Falls Down on Rocks
Kid Running with Branch gets Caught on Tree
Guy Falls down Waterfall
Fishing from a Tree Mishap
Girl Slips Down Rock While Getting Proposed to
Tree Falls on Car
Stone Bounces into Teen’s Face
Dog Hits Man in the Face with Tree Branch



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