Stephen Colbert asked fans to share examples of American greatness. They delivered.

While on vacation for the Fourth of July, late-night host Stephen Colbert invited his followers to share their “brush with #AmericanGreatness.”

“American greatness” was never defined, but Colbert shared his visit to the home of renowned poet and writer Carl Sandburg in North Carolina to kick things off.

From sea to shining sea, thousands of fans replied to Colbert, sharing their holiday plans and examples of American greatness.

Users shared all kinds of landmarks, food, photos of their loved ones, natural wonders, and more worth celebrating on America’s birthday. Here are 19 tweets from the awe-inspiring list.

1. Whether you’re in a big, bustling city….

2. …or a small, quiet town…

3. …you are never far from American greatness.

4. There were crystal clear waters…

5. …and breathtaking views.

6. Some celebrated with their patriotic kiddos.

7. Some shared greatness with the next generation, charged to build and protect it.

8. Lots of people took in America’s rich history and culture museums…

9. …and stunning historical markers.

10. These are the places where dreams take shape…

11. …and take flight.

12. To say nothing of this giant ice cream cone, which is great in its own kind of way.

(And perfect for ice cream month!)

13. Others preferred to get outdoors to take in some of nature’s bounty.

14. And celebrate the wide open spaces that make this country so beautiful.

15. Not everyone has the weekend off, but like these hardworking folks, greatness doesn’t take a vacation.

16. But it wouldn’t be America’s birthday without barbecue…

17. …sweet, sweet, barbecue.

18. Or fireworks. Can’t forget fireworks.

19. But ultimately, American greatness is in each and every one of us.

Those who work hard, compromise, believe in better, and support people who need it. That’s a promise we can all live up to. We must.

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