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Is there a better way to end the week than with some fails? Didn’t think so. We’ve got some hilarious lake fails, a few kid fails and a guy going through a fence! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments. Later, dudes.


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Girl Runs Into Pole While Broadcasting Her Walk
Girl Wearing Bikini Tries to Bounce off Diving Board
Boys at the Skate Park
Girl While Playing Punching Bag Game
Woman Off Jump Box Attempting Weighted Squats
Pond Skier into Crowd
Motorcyclist into Car while Trying to Dry Gloves
Lightning Strikes in a Parking Lot
Girl From Top of Pole
Kid Off Moving Walkway Handrail
Two Sled Riders Knock Down Kids
Girl Tumbles into Chairs
Woman Trips Over Open Kitchen Drawer
Driver into Barrier
Dog Sleeps Through Band Performance
Skier Tries to Jump off Ledge
Little Girl Tumbles Off Playground Equipment
Fire Extinguisher Explodes in Bathroom
Plastic Plate Flies Off SUV
Guy Attempts to Ride Barefoot Next to Boat
Toddler Hits Big Brother in the Nuts with Toy Bat
Teen Tries to Jump over Bannister
Man Through Fence While Playing Dizzy Bat Game
Man Breaks Mirror Attempting to Walk on Giant Tire
Girl Runs Down Bowling Lane
Rally Car’s Hood Shatters Windshield During Race
Man Drops Bookshelf Off Balcony
Man on Parallel Bars
Shelf on Guy’s Head
Man Into Lake Trying to Waterski Barefoot
Motorcyclists on the Freeway
Bicyclists Collide into Each Other
Girl on Christmas Tree
Board Flies into Guy’s Face
Fish Scares Baby Deer
Skateboarder Breaks Rail
Guy on Go-Kart Waits for Airbag to Deploy
Girl Tries to Jump over Water



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