Snow Day Fails: It’s Cold Out There! (January 2018) | FailArmy

It’s cold out there, better bundle up for some snow day fails. We’ve got some snow divers, cars skidding on ice and hilarious sledding fails. How crazy was that truck sinking in the lake? Let us know what you think below! Or let us know what your favorite was.


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Snowboarder Falls off Homemade Snow Ramp
Girl Tosses Snow in Face
Family of Deer Attempt to Cross Ski Course During Race
Girl Falls While Trying to Kick Snowman
Guy Faceplants While Trying to Snowboard
Girl Slips and Falls in Snow
Guy Struggles to Ice Skate
Father Pushes Son Face-First Into Snowman
Guy Slips After Pushing Friend in Wheelbarrow
Guy is Eager to Ski
Snowmobile Flies in the Air
Guy Fails to Snowboard Off Roof
Guys Play Skeet Hockey in Canada
Car Fails To Pull Sled Through Snow
Skier Tries to Look Cool Taking off Top of Mountain
Postman Slips on Snow While Delivering Package
Car Falls Through Frozen Lake
Woman Falls after Accidentally Tripping over Dog
Wild Moose Charges at Man in Driveway
Girl Dives Into Snow Mound
Girl Falls Off Platform Into Snow
Guy Falls off Snowmobile During Jump
Woman Knocks Over Cameraman While Sledding
Back to Back Ski Rail Grind Fails
Guy Swings on Excavator
Guy Jumps off Roof With Sled
Kids Wipeout While Sledding Downhill
Couple Wipes Out on Inflatable Donut in Snow
Skier Regrets Attempting Jump
Horses Break Through Frozen Pond
Dog Dunks Cat’s Head into Snow
Snow and Ice Makes Cars Slide and Crash
Blue Car Slides in Ice and Crashes into Bus Stop
Cat Faceplants Off Roof into Snow

Snow Day Fails: It’s Cold Out There! (January 2018) | FailArmy



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