Relationship Fails: It’s The Heartbreak Hotel (February 2018) | FailArmy

Relationships are hard, but for some of these people they’re complete fails. Enjoy the hilarious relationship fails ahead of Valentines Day! Have a funny relationship story? Share it with us in the comments!!


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Spanish Dancer Loses Skirt and Shows Underwear
Groom Drops Bride Entering Wedding Reception
Girlfriend Gets a Math Lesson
Female bulldog falls over when bulldog tries licker her
Teen Uses Escalator to Put Arm Around Girl
Couple Making Out Falls off Chair
Driver Scares Passenger with Airhorn
Drone Crashes Into Back of Woman’s Head
Couple Fails Performing Yoga Plank Pose
Duo Fails Resistance Band Workout
Couple Falls Down While Dancing in Rain
Couple Fails to Do Acroyoga Multiple Times
Guy’s Foot Accidentally Slips into Girl’s Bikini During Acroyoga
Woman Falls While Doing Handstand on Porch
Chair Breaks Under Couple After Proposal
Two-Year-Old Ring Bearer Has Tantrum in Aisle
Singing Woman Falls on Stage at Wedding Party
Woman Drops Partner at the Beach
Wave Hits Couple While They Pose for Photo in Ocean
Woman Trips and Falls After Performing Acrobatic Stunt
Woman Scares Husband While He Sings
Dog Interrupts Serious Outdoor Wedding
Bride Pulls Chained Up Groom Down Aisle on Cart
Guy Falls Out of Handstand and Into Pool After Kiss
Couple Fall While Walking on Icy Ground
Couple Falls at Ice Rink
Guy Pretends to Drop Wedding Rings During Cliff Suspension Wedding
Bride Throws Bouquet on Ceiling Drapery
Woman Falls Down During Hooneymoon Selfie
Groom Loses Grip While Dipping Bride
Kid Won’t Share Dad With Mom
Bridesmaid and Groomsman Try to Do Special Wedding Reception Entrance
Man Pranks Wife at Store
Woman Falls Down After Proposal on Ice Rink

Relationship Fails: It’s The Heartbreak Hotel (February 2018) | FailArmy



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