Motorcycle Mayhem: Throwback Thursday (November 2017)

It’s Thursday, so you know what that means! It’s time for a big heaping helping of some throwback fails! We have people messing around on motorcycles, surprise fails, and a pole dancing fail or two! Submit your videos at


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Baby Takes Wallet Out of Woman’s Purse
Guy Tumbles out of Kart
Cat Disappears Behind Couch Trying to Grab Balloon
Gym Guy Falls after Breaking Weight Sled
Golf Ball Bounces Back to Starting Point
Couple Flies off Inner Tube
Baby Falls into Sprinkler
Guy Falls out the Door Trying to Lift Weights
Pole Breaks while Dancer Climbs It
Bicyclist Faceplants Into Grass
Girl Falls after Jumping over Fence
Girl Falls off Hammock Chair
Guy Wakes Up Little Sister With Horns
Guy Falls Trying Workout
Waterskier Crashes in Water
Guy Attempts to Jump Over High Object and Falls
Watermelon Explodes while Kids Eat It
Girl Falls off Pole and Into Water
Guy Falls off ATV and into Mud
Weightlifter Faceplants
Guy Flies off High Bar
Guy Can’t Play Miniature Golf
Guys Attempt to do Partner Flip and Result in Nut Shot
Girl on Unicycle Tries to Jump of Steps
Mom Falls Off Ledge While Videotaping Son
Little Kid Has a Delayed Reaction after Getting Hit by Ball
Guy Crashes During Bike Event
Guy Drops Barbell Onto Neck
Impatient Motorcyclist
Girl Falls Off Pole
Guy Bellyflops into Diving Spot
Mechanical Bull Hits Guy’s Face
Guy Fails Scooter Stunt
Guy Attempts Wheelie and Wipes Out
Combover Steve Fails to Front Flip
Girl on Roller Skates Tries to Grind on Rail
Guy Tries to Perform Skateboard Trick With Crutch and Falls
Pole Dancer Accidentally Kicks Self in Head With High Heel
Guys Break Pole While Dancing
Giant Stuffed Animals Fall and Knock Over Girl
Goat Faints When Ball Comes Near
Guy Does Double Frontflip and Faceplants
Golfer Falls Over Bag
Woman Lifts Weight Above Head and Loses Control



  1. DemonBendyRulz 420 November 9, 2017
  2. 2enjoihsu November 9, 2017
  3. Johannes Kohlmann November 9, 2017
  4. 86Themadhatter November 9, 2017
  5. Divergent Evolution November 9, 2017
  6. ATOMBOMB DAN RADIATION9988 November 9, 2017
  7. Christo Joseph November 9, 2017
  8. DonkeyShow November 9, 2017
  9. Fox Ryder Iluminati November 9, 2017
  10. DonkeyShow November 9, 2017
  11. Chase Facee November 9, 2017
  12. Marcelo Matia November 9, 2017
  13. P-O Andersson November 9, 2017
  14. Mario 65749 November 9, 2017
  15. FnixGhod1 November 9, 2017
  16. TheGamesCastnl November 9, 2017
  17. taradead November 9, 2017
  18. Ivan TheGreat November 9, 2017
  19. Simon Hallberg November 9, 2017

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