Monkey See, Monkey Steal: Fails of the Week (June 2018) | FailArmy

We have some more fresh fails for your face! This week we have a car with a questionable paint job, a man failing at karate, and more! Submit your videos to!


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Guy Cannonballs Into Water Hazard on Golf Course
Guy Throws Inflatable Pool Lounger at Friend’s Face
Athlete Screams in Ice Bath While Friend Sits Quietly
Rope Snaps During Game of Tug of War
Dancing Teen Faceplants After Attempting Backflip
Guy Tumbles Down Hill While Riding Dump Trailer
Kids Break Plastic Swing Set
Guy Fails to Retrieve Drinks Stuck in Vending Machine
Guy Can’t Punch Through Wood Plank
Cat Kicks Sibling in Face With Hind Legs
Guy Drops Phone While Paragliding
Geese Protect Babies From Good Samaritan
Guy’s Carpentry Project Falls Apart in Front of Him
Baby Steals Mom’s Camera
Dad Helps Son Pull out Tooth With Hockey Puck
Dog Attempts to Run up Slide
Cat Crashes Through Screen Door
Monkey Walks Into Girl’s Hotel Room and Steals Fruit
Dog Gets Soaked After Breaking Bird Bath
Dogs Destroy House
Bow Breaks in Archer’s Hands
Guy Accidentally Tosses Friend Into Dock Instead of Pond
Painting your car fail
Work fail on fork lift
Unlucky Guy Gets Three Drinks Stuck in Vending Machine

Monkey See, Monkey Steal: Fails of the Week (June 2018) | FailArmy



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