Let’s Order In Tonight!: Cooking Food Fails (August 2017) || FailArmy

Some people just can’t cook, if you’re one of those people just get some takeout or order in. From funny food fails to faulty cooking equipment, here are some of the best cooking fails submitted to us over the last year or so. Sit back, relax, eat some snacks and let us know your thoughts down below!

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Girl Gets Face Stuck in Pumpkin https://goo.gl/qX7aUy
Taco Mascot into Car https://goo.gl/dpHMAA
Boy’s got his free taco https://goo.gl/o79ckZ
Grandpa’s Teeth Fall Into Cake https://goo.gl/eFjx3K
Guy Falls in Hibachi https://goo.gl/nVF3GM
Guy Drops Food Tower
Wind Blows Food at Guy https://goo.gl/rsrrQ9
Eating Ice Cream Fail https://goo.gl/NZB9Dg
Little Girl Accidentally Drops Popsicle https://goo.gl/xRx3S5
Amateur Cook Lights Stove on Fire
Boy Scares Mom in Kitchen https://goo.gl/fzNeiK
Kid Smacks Big Mac out of Other Kid’s Hand https://goo.gl/PkT9k9
Old Man Burns Popcorn https://goo.gl/FcukD1
Man Eats Donuts While Doing Pushups https://goo.gl/W1JUrw
Guy Drops Stack of Food on Table https://goo.gl/gaVb9u
Guy Opens Grill and is Surprised by Explosion of Fire https://goo.gl/mdtDuV
Guys Accidentally Drop Turkey into Pot of Oil https://goo.gl/nCrQmS
Guy Opens Empty Bag of Chips https://goo.gl/d5AiaJ
Man Scares Wife While She Cooks Dinner https://goo.gl/Mok9Pr
Dad Tries to Move BBQ Grill Down Stairs https://goo.gl/Rrjpib
Baby Drops Yogurt and Cries https://goo.gl/Wh8iNW
Guy Drops Food Tower https://goo.gl/i6QJSD
Hot Soup Spills on Guy’s Hand https://goo.gl/mG7QGL
Girl Spills Entire Jug of Rice https://goo.gl/4GaRXr
Friend Drops Entire Pizza on Floor https://goo.gl/U5Xco7
Seagull Steals Man’s Dinner https://goo.gl/2N9U2z
Girl Gets Excited Over Strawberries https://goo.gl/q8wPQL
Baby Makes Funny Reactions to Food https://goo.gl/WRoNS9
Girl Gets Face Smashed in Ice Cream https://goo.gl/Vx8Wjm
Dog Eats Burger https://goo.gl/HMNAt5
Cake Smashes into Woman’s Face During Selfie https://goo.gl/Lmgc39
Guy Knocks Over Wine Glass While Messing Around With Stick https://goo.gl/Y1bh3e
Guy Spills Beer on Laptop https://goo.gl/ykG1CH
Little Girl Gets Fruit Intervention https://goo.gl/y1QFu3
Baby Stunned to See Beet Root Juice All Over Sister https://goo.gl/w7HFwR
Juicer Spins Out of Control https://goo.gl/8xfFVY
Woman Sets Conventional Oven on Fire https://goo.gl/ADSZCU



  1. Natasha Reeder August 15, 2017
  2. rollX August 15, 2017
  3. Sandy Telfer August 15, 2017
  4. SIMULATION GAMER August 15, 2017
  5. Lord Leto August 15, 2017
  6. SupermarketSweep777 August 15, 2017
  7. Lavonne Fletcher August 15, 2017
  8. ActionHeinz August 15, 2017
  9. Clear.Water.Sky. August 15, 2017
  10. Thomas5020 August 15, 2017
  11. leroytheboss August 15, 2017
  12. Fuzzcopter I like tigers August 15, 2017
  13. MrFlipperInvader782 August 15, 2017
  14. Greninja Guy 898 August 15, 2017
  15. RossDaBoss707 August 15, 2017
  16. Pro Jellyfish August 15, 2017
  17. uriel salas August 15, 2017
  18. Topher S August 15, 2017
  19. Monsieur Torchon August 15, 2017

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