'It's not a woman's duty to smile for you' and 11 more strong, feminist facts.

On Tuesday, the hashtag #ItsNotAWomansDutyTo took off on Twitter.


It started with a simple tweet.

Twitter user @FeminismVibes, which is run by two “kick-ass intersectional feminists” began this conversation after one of their university classes sparked a discussion about gender. 

“I was absolutely disheartened to hear about some of the opinions my classmates — specifically my male classmates — held about how women ‘ought’ to behave,” they told Upworthy.

A woman named Jolie Green suggested the rant become a hashtag, and that’s how it all began.

Within minutes, tweets began rolling in using the #ItsNotAWomansDutyTo hashtag to share a series of powerful statements about gender roles and expectations.

Many of them followed Feminism Vibes’ lead, focusing on sexual assault and harassment.

And others pushed back against the expectation that women dress modestly.

And even chimed in to tackle the pressure to conform to stereotypically feminine roles and for others to define what it means to be a woman.

And still others used the hashtag to affirm realities such as “trans women are women,” “dress codes are sexist,” and more.

The big takeaway here is that women don’t owe anybody anything simply because they’re women.

And, yes, men are held to unfair standards in the name of masculinity (nobody is denying that), but this hashtag was specifically about the specific pressures women face. 

“I left class feeling as though there has not been as much progress as we think there has been in fighting patriarchal perceptions of what makes a woman,” Feminism Vibes said.

Little did they know they would do something later that same day that does just that — fighting patriarchal perceptions of what makes a woman.

Interested checking out more stories from the #ItsNotAWomansDutyTo hashtag?


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