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Grandma Falls for Ping Pong Save
Grandma Can’t Float on Inner Tube
Grandma catches on fire while cooking
Grandma gets hit in the face with ping pong ball
Grandma shakes groove than in parking lot
Grandma drags Kid through Store
Grandma does a faceplant playing hopscotch
Old ladies argue in the car
Grandma fooled by chocolate phone present
Grandma face swaps with dog
Grandma flies off boogie board slip n slide
Grandma Falls at Wedding
Grandma Gets Impatient with selfie
Grandpa tosses away canes and dances to music
Grandpa’s teeth falls into cake
Grandpa accidentally shoots grandson with nerf gun
Grandpa’s dentures fall out during game
Grandpa falls doing wheelchair wheelie
Old man falls backwards on city bus
Grandpa falls in bowling lane
Man tries to pole vault over water
63 year old skateboarder wipes out
Old guy falls off bike in crowded street
Old guy in mobility scooter holds up traffic
Grandfather drops champagne bottle while opening it with knife
Old man faceplants on slip n slide

Grandmas vs Grandpas: FailArmy Versus (December 2017) || FailArmy



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