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You know what it is, another weekly dose of fails! With Halloween right around the corner, the scares/pranks are just warming up. Which video was your favorite? Got any spooky Halloween plans? Let us know in the comments below and as always, remember to submit your videos to!!

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Older Sibling Hits Sister With Stuffed Animal
Girl Tries to Pole Dance on Trampoline
Guy Slips Going Up Ramp
Guy Tries to Catch Football after Backflipping off Roof
Guy Takes Frisbee to the Face
Guy Hits Head after Flipping off Bar
Mountain Biker Flies over Handlebar during Race
Guy Falls on Girl while Doing Headstand
Girl Tries to Balance on Wet Rail
Skateboarder Disappears in Hole at Skatepark
Dog Drags Puppy by Leash
Dirt Biker Lets go of Bike Going up Ramp
Cat Makes Weird Predatory Noise
Guy Hits Head after Flipping off Bar
Squash Player Shatters Glass Mid-Game
Little Boy Can’t Say “Truck”
Wakeboard Handrail Pop Fail
Girlfriend Slips Off Boyfriend’s Shoulders During Work Out
Guy Loses Control of Motorcycle
Skateboarders Slam Into Each Other During Competition
Stripper Pole Dislodges from Ceiling
Kid Tumbles into Water
Drunk Guy Tries to Skateboard
Teen Repeatedly Falls Playing Roller Hockey
Man Runs Through Door and Breaks It
Kid Crashes golf Cart into Bushes
Skier Loses Pants
Christmas Tree Falls on Man
Proper Drunk Flourishes Bankroll before Faceplanting
Skateboarder Skids Across Sand on Face
Firecrackers Attached to Rocket Goes Wrong
Guy Hits Head after Flipping off Bar
Soccer Ball Hits Guy’s Nuts
Grandma Falls on Kid while Dancing
Skier Crashes into Snow
Bird Knocks Camera Out of Hand
Scooter Trick Gone Wrong
Woman in Bikini Falls Off Swegway
Rope Swing Bikini Fail
Beach Monkey Bar Backflip Fail
Guy Skateboards Behind Car and Falls
Work Out Mom Trips Over Son
Driver Gets Thrown out of Buggy
Tree Climber Breaks Branch and Falls
Girl Tries to Go off Ramp in Toy Car
Guy Attempts to Catch Hard Hat on His Head
Flyboarder Belly Flops Onto the Water



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