Fails at Home: Home Is Where The Fail Is (May 2018) | FailArmy

Home is where the failure is! We have another action packed fails that take place in the comfort of home for you to watch in the comfort of you home! We have a guy riding his motorcycle in the house, some misbehaving kids, and more!


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Small Dog Protects Home
Mom Panics Over Spider
Boy Breaks Mirror with Basketball
Guy Breaks Lightbulb with Wooden Sword
Toddler Spins on Hoverboard
Girl Tumbles Down Stairs
Boston Terrier Destroys Cushion
Moose Chills in Kitchen
Kick Falls While Attempting High Kick
Guy Carries Girl and Bumps Her Head an Oven
Dog Hides After Making Mess in Kitchen
Kid Falls off Table While Dancing
Dog Slips and Falls off Kitchen Counter
Girl Gets Hit in Face With Confetti Cannon
Woman Freaks Out Over Bug on Back
Woman Trips Over Dog While Working Out At Home
Kid Rides Segway into Wall
Mother Breaks TV After Being Scared Awake
Dog Gets into Owner’s Makeup
Girl Shuts Door on Father’s Face
Girl Breaks Window While Trying to Kill Spider
Boy Tries to Backflip on Bed
Woman Bangs Hammer Against Powerdrill
Guy Breaks Lamp While Knocking Out Drywall
Dog Accidentally Knocks Down and Breaks Mirror
Toddler Blames Monster for Paint on Bathroom Wall
Woman Breaks Picture Frame With Hula-Hoop
Little Girl Spray Foam All Over Bathroom
Girl Fails to Twerk Against Wall



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