FailArmy Presents: FailArmy Bails Tape Vol. 1

We decided to pay a little tribute to the skate tapes we grew up watching by putting one together ourselves. Shout out to Bass Drum of Death for letting us use their song. Obviously not something we’ll do very often, but let us know your thoughts down below. Also, shout out to the original THPS games. Those were awesome.

Left For Dead” by Bass Drum of Death.
Innovative Leisure
Spirit Music Group – BMI

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Skateboarder Tries to Grind Rail and Lands on Groin
BMXer Falls Trying Backflip-Spin at Skatepark
BMX Rider Faceplants down Hard
Scooter Rider Bails during Backflip at Skatepark
Arm-Flailing Can’t Stop BMX Rider from Faceplanting
Skateboarding Stair Jump to Head Smack
BMXer Crashes Attempting Backflip
Skateboarding Fail Smacks Head on Cement
MX Rider Performs Bike to Bike Transfer
Skateboarder Tries to Jump over Street Bench
Rollerskater Backflips into Faceplant
Scooter Rider Backflips and Smashes Head
Compilation of Skateboarders Falling Over
Skateboarder Hits Hip on Curb
Skateboarding Beginner Falls into Faceplant
BMX Wheelie 360 Spin Fail
Kids on Skateboards Collide at Indoor Skatepark
Young Kids At Skate Park Fail
Mountain Biker Falls off Staircase
Skateboard Rail Slide Ends In Tree Nut Shot
BMX Attempts 50/50 Grind and Fails Hard
Skateboarder Rides off Ramp and Lands on Back in Street
BMX Double Flair Competition Fail
Skateboarder Falls during Massive Rail Grind
Guy Crashes into Pole after Rail Grind
BMXer Falls Trying Backflip-Spin at Skatepark
BMX Rider Faceplants down Hard
Skateboarder Rides down Brick Stairwell
Skateboarder Fails on Grind and Lands on Head
BMXer Lands into Ramp and Falls off When Rolling Backwards
BMX Rider Fails to Grind on a High Ledge
Kid Fails at Backflip on Scooter at Skate Park
Skateboard Over Chain Fence Fail


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