Driving Fails: Watch The Road! (May 2018) | FailArmy

Keep your eyes on the road and watch out for the fails. We’ve got crazy dashcam fails, a few rollovers and a car that wanted to skateboard too! Enjoy the rest of these driving fails and let us know your favorite below!

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Motorcycle Traffic Accident https://goo.gl/MQ2Gyx
Motorcycle And Ford Focus https://goo.gl/afLSfu
ATV Unloading Fail https://goo.gl/1DAgpf
Bumper Fail https://goo.gl/jEEQDm
Motorcycle Malfunction https://goo.gl/VK4WPw
Lightning Striking https://goo.gl/qjJPKw
Train Hitting a Semi-Truck https://goo.gl/qVFAKo
Handlebar Fail https://goo.gl/EU9eeX
Impatient Driver Gets Pulled Over by Police https://goo.gl/2jDPgX
Car Drives on Road with Only Three Wheels https://goo.gl/KoRN1D
Driver Loses Control and Runs other Car off Road https://goo.gl/gKjk49
Driver Freaks Out After Truck Tire Explodes in Front of Car https://goo.gl/zAaQwc
Car Rams Into Back of Motorcycle https://goo.gl/uaM5xd
Bridge Shears off Top of Semi Truck https://goo.gl/25QYAa
SUV With Surfboards Rolls On Beach https://goo.gl/fY7n2h
Guy Tries to Free SUV from Tow Truck https://goo.gl/8tsQUj
Cement Truck Rear Ends Car and Keeps Going https://goo.gl/t8jwJz
Truck Drives on Highway with Only Three Wheels https://goo.gl/Ucuc3Q
Car Flies into Parking Lot https://goo.gl/aB5Q7j
Car Drives Off Loading Platform Near Skateboarders https://goo.gl/QXfnei
Traffic Cone Gets Stuck under Car Bumper https://goo.gl/PtxYgh
Pulling Mercedes out of Snow Goes Wrong https://goo.gl/2DfnXZ
Car Drags Vacuum Cleaner Behind It https://goo.gl/UoCq9i
Car Rams Into Tow Truck https://goo.gl/JCEPTf
Towing Fail Rips Off Truck Panel https://goo.gl/2BnsFu
Jeep Gets Destroyed by Mud https://goo.gl/AJq5UJ
Crushed Car Somehow Still Works https://goo.gl/nqpQmk
Car Drives Straight into Wall https://goo.gl/y9UKs6
Car Rolls through Parking Gate https://goo.gl/WdM24V
Poorly Attempted Hit and Run Driver Smashes Six Cars https://goo.gl/5NQZM1

Driving Fails: Watch The Road! (May 2018) | FailArmy



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