Crow Gets Free Ride


Weird Photos — Crow Gets Free Ride

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Optica is a clean and simple theme with tons of customizations. It sounds impossible, but it’s true. Layouts, colors, fonts: Everything is up for grabs. Optica can transform into anything you want—as long as what you want is a blog.

  • Clean, versatile theme for any kind of media

  • Grid or column layout

  • Customizable colors, fonts, links, and all that other good stuff

Header Image

If your avatar is a picture of your face, your header image is what you see when you close your eyes. It should say, “yeah, this is who I am.” Or at least what your blog’s about. If you don’t like the way the header image looks on your blog, you can play with the “sliding header” and “stretch header image” settings or turn it off altogether.


Since your avatar is the most familiar part of your Tumblr appearance, we thought it’d be nice to include it on your blog. But if you don’t like it, that’s cool too. You can hide it from your blog settings and it’ll only be used on the Dashboard.

Blog title design

There’s something like 12 trillion different combinations of fonts and colors. Play around until you land on one that’s all yours.

Background and accent colors

There are no wrong colors.

Disqus shortname

Built in. Easy and fun!

Google Analytics

No code tweaks. Just plug in your Analytics ID and you’re off to the races.


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