Crack That Whip: Throwback Fails (July 2017)

It’s Thursday, so that means we have lovingly put together a compilation of classic fails. We have an awesome wakeboarding fail, a kayaking trip gone wrong , and more! Watch it quickly before your boss notices you aren’t working! Be sure to submit your videos to


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Ski jumper
Twin Brothers Throw Cousin
Guy On Diving Board
Pelican Chases Man at Gas Station
Hang Glider Believes He Could Fly
Chicken Runs Around Wearing Blue Pants
Guy Eats Sand
Guy off Dirt Bike while Being Towed
Bride Throws Bouquet into Water Fountain
Goose And Pedestrians
Waiter in Kitchen
Kid Rips Shorts Jumping over Pedestrian Sign
Paddle Board Show Off into Water
Sailboat Wing
Passerby Witnesses Car Incident
Chicken Runs Around Wearing Blue Pants
Son Gets Dad with Baseball
Llama Spits on Tourist’s Face
Cat Places Paw on Owner’s Mouth
Guy Gets Head on Dresser Doing Soccer Tricks
Girl Steps on Sister’s Face
Men Try to Off Road in Jeep
Skateboarder into Pavement
Teacher Dives out of Window
Mechanic Doesn’t Know How to Unload Car
Guy Does Backflip In Restaurant and Lands On His Face
Paddler out of Boat
Cereal in Guy’s Face
Girl Falls on Face while Pole Dancing
Man Attacked by Pack of Hot Dogs
Security Guard Drives Car with Boot
Chipmunk Bites Woman
Guy on Bike Loses Control on Bridge
Friends Race Towards Trophy
Guy Wearing Water Jetpack into Ocean
Man Breaks Ax Chopping Wood
Man Taunts Goose and Gets Chased
Canoe Tips Over During Family Competition
Fish Pulls Fisherman’s Rod out of Hand
Golf Club Breaks after Trickshot Attempt
Little Girl Can’t Say “Spot”
Kid into Concrete
Man Off Spinning Disc
Guy Cracks Whip Indoors
Guy Falls Through Trampoline
Dancing Butcher Interrupted by Post Man
Kid Tries to Jump on Top of Dumpster
Teen Trips off Pier and into Water
Mountain Biker Eats Dirt
Longboarder Going Downhill
Wakeboarder Plunges Head First Into the Water
Gymnast Into Mat
Dog Runs into Sledding Man
Dad off Water Slide
Guy Slides into Pool
Pit Crew Member Falls
Kid Slowly Goes down Water Slide
Guy on Bike Eats Mud
Tennis Ball Into Camera
Little Kid Unintentionally Swears at Her Parents
Girl out of Boat
Man Aggressively Pulled into Water
Dirt Biker Wheezes after Being Thrown off Vehicle
Bike from Drone
Giant Waves Crash into Rocks at the Beach
The Incorrect Way to Waterski
Posing Swinger Goes Down
Guy Flips off Swing
Guy Tries Rope Swing



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