Close Calls: Best of the Year 2017 | FailArmy

Watch out! We have an awesome compilation of the best close call fails ever (so far!). We’ve got a crazy parkour near fall, a Ferrari nearly crashing and an incredible sky diving fail. These fails will be sure to make you jump out of your seat! Have a video of your own? Send it to us at


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Motorcyclist Saves GF in Rain
Alexa Fail
Skydivers Float to Safety After Plane Crash
Dirt Biker Almost Runs Over Person
Backflip on Bulding
Dude Almost Crashes Ferrari
Airplane Narrowly Misses Boat
Leap of Faith
Skateboarder Almost Crashes into Wandering Woman
Guy Almost Drops Weights on Audience
Skateboarder Falls into River
Swimming Jaguar Almost Enters Fishing Boat
Guy Throws Dart and Nearly Hits Friend’s Finger
Car Crashes Into Dumpster and Carriage
Elephant Charges at Safari Vehicle
Tourists Watch Lion Feeding in Zimbabwe
Drone Saved Before Falling in River
Train Blazes Through Tracks
Guy Nearly Gets Hit by Fallen Tree Branch
Whale Gets Extremely Close to Kayakers
Riding Instructor Catches Girl Falling Off Horse
Lion Bites Guy’s Hand
Moose Almost Gets Hit by Car
Guy Slips Off Boat and Falls on Dock
Guy Nearly Hits Hit On Concrete During Backflip
Unicyclist Almost Falls off Cliff
Motorcyclist Almost Collides into Car
Dad Saves Kid From Falling off Playground Equipment
Kid Nearly Runs Over Dog with Electric Bike
Broken Wall Nearly Falls on Man
Boy Runs Away from Robot Vacuum
Motorcyclist Narrowly Misses Being Hit by Motorcycle
Special Effects Cars Collide at Dangerous Intersection
Guy Saves Drone From Falling in Water
Two Paragliders Have Close Call

Close Calls: Get Out Of The Way!! (December 2017) | FailArmy



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