Bring Me The Horizon – Oh No (Official Video)

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You don’t have to lie
I know exactly where you’ve been
Cos’ you’re chewing off my ear
While you’re chewing on your chin
No we’re not on the level
You’re just off your face
It’s not a state of mind no
Your head’s just in a state
I may be on the outside
But you’re empty within
It’s getting kind of old now
I think it’s time to pack it in
Don’t call it a party
Cos it never stops
Now one is too many
But it’s never enough
Don’t tell me you’re happy
Cos this isn’t love
So be careful what you wish for
Who you trying to fool
You know you’re in over your head
Cos’ your holding on to heaven
But you’re hanging by a thread.
Oh no.

Directed by Isaac Eastgate

Production Company: Forever
Producer: Davo McConville
DOP: Nicolas Booth
Gaffer: Harry Jay
Art Director: Xander Mitchell
Model Maker: Pamela Contreras
Scenic Painter: Katie Tinkler
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Cheetham
Styling: Cobbie Yates
Editor: Ben Crook at Speade
Grade: Jack McGinty at Time Based Arts
VFX: Graham Smith
Casting: Fruitcake

Panicked Man: Ian U’Chong
Arrogant Man: Jozef Aoki
Mix Engineers: Benedict Black, Lauren Harris, Fadlan Effendi
Label Executives: Chris Arias, Konrad Ciechanowski, Liliane Laborde-Edozien
Henchmen: Mehmet & Erdo Hurrem, Bau Tieu

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