Best POV and Camera Fails Compilation | Poor Cameraman || FailArmy

The tables have turned and nobody is safe. Usually the people behind the camera get to laugh at the misfortune of others but not this time… Watch some of our favorite Poor Camera Guy fails and the next time you record your friends making bad decisions, watch out! Let us know your thoughts in the comments and as always, Salute!

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  1. IronDolphin RatS January 11, 2016
  2. Ultra Tepig 990 January 11, 2016
  3. Emmanuel Dunk January 11, 2016
  4. tresrules16543 January 11, 2016
  5. carter grantham January 11, 2016
  6. Kloe Lee January 11, 2016
  7. FromtheWordsofBR January 11, 2016
  8. elijah27b January 11, 2016
  9. Cody Beaumont January 11, 2016
  10. Gold Guy January 11, 2016
  11. MLK Studios January 11, 2016
  12. Johannes lervik January 11, 2016
  13. Mr. Arne January 11, 2016
  14. Killerdude3GT January 11, 2016
  15. Aethius January 11, 2016
  16. Tuxedo Pug January 11, 2016
  17. Anthony Young January 11, 2016
  18. Gameactive January 11, 2016

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