Best Fails of the Week: Watch Out! (March 2018) | FailArmy

The best fails of the week are back, and we’re out here smashing through oven glass! Don’t get it? Just wait for it. We’ve also got some hilarious ski and mountain fails, a crazy pole dance fail, and much more. Please let us know your favorite in the comments, and hit the subscribe button for more!


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Snowboarder Accidentally Goes into Little Boy
Guy Drops Bowling Ball and Slips in Lane
Drone Captures Snowmobile Breaking Through Ice
Guy Riding ATV Tumbles Down Hill
Guy Breaks Oven with Quarter
BMX Trick Breaks Halfpipe
Guy Slips and Falls While Running to Car
Dad Knocks Daughter Over on Playground Spinner
Guy Tries to Climb up Salmon With One Hand
Skier Falls After Jumping Ledge
Skier Fails Trick on Halfpipe
Man Recovers Stolen Trash Can
Woman Falls in Hole in Sand
Guy Gets Knocked Over by Ski Lift
SUV Goes Into Utility Pole
Careless Driver Collides into Two Semi Trucks
Pole Dancing Model Falls off Pole
Gecko Loves Phones
Kid Falls off Rocker and Faceplants Carpet
Skier Hits Face With Ski During Somersault
Car Spins Out of Control on On-Ramp
Dog Attempts to Eat Carrot Sticks
Guy Flies off Balance Board
Kittens Run Into Glass Door
Puppy Tries to Go Down the Slide and Leaps
Have You Ever Seen An Angry Unicorn?
Sledding Accident
Woman Can’t Close Car Door Because of High Winds
Mr. Meows Needs Glasses
Woman Face Plants Off of Slide



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