Best Fails Of The Month: I Can’t Hear! (February 2018) | FailArmy

The Best Fails of the Month are here, and February just flew by. We’ve got a crazy car pileup, a river fail turned into a win, and a guy goating a habanero with ghost pepper hot sauce. How do you think that ended for him? Let us know in the comments!


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Guy in Hammock Falls on Roof of Car
ATV Tumbles Down Hill
Firework Hits High-Rise Building Window
Guy Slips and Falls on Tree Stump
Girl Falls While Doing Yoga with Sister
Guy Falls Off Desk Chair
Skier Falls After Jumping Ledge
Guy Falls Over Steeplechase
Guy Saves Friend From Rapids
People Help Overturned Car After Highway Accident
Cat Falls off Bed While Cuddling with Husky
Crowd Breaks Hotel Awning
Woman Hits Face While Twirling Flagpole
Racquetball Player Looses Balance and Hits Wall
Skier Jumps and Faceplants Snow
Skier Faceplants While Attempting Backflip
Freerunners Fall in Puddle
Kid Breaks Backboard During Dunk Attempt
Woman Falls off Horse and Into Snow
Guy Falls on Groin and Chin Attempting BMX Stunt
Guy Jumps off Hotel Awning After Football Game
Paramotor Pilot Goes Into Ground
Orangutan Teases Dog with Stick
Guy Eats Habanero Covered in Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
Girl Falls Off Stage While Lip-Syncing
Guy Carries Girl and Bumps Her Head on Oven
Angry Sphynx Cat Falls to Floor
Skateboarder into Kid Riding Scooter
Skier Grinding on Rail Lands on Groin
Dogs Bark at Balloons
Little Boy Showing off Fancy Clothes Falls off Storage Bin
Guy Falls Off Ski Sled While Being Pulled by Tractor
Kid Falls off Sit-and-Spin at Playground
Guy Falls on Head During Parkour Competition
ATV Go-Kart
Guy Falls Over Sandwich Board Sign
Skier Faceplants During Flip Attempt
Girl Hits Head on Coral Reef
Car Goes into Spectator During Race
Guy Loses Parachute Before Takeoff

Best Fails Of The Month: I Can’t Hear! (February 2018) | FailArmy



  1. Nischal Karki February 23, 2018
  2. Jared Anderson February 23, 2018
  3. LiamJamesC February 23, 2018
  4. Tommy ymmot February 23, 2018
  5. Cosmic Aiden February 23, 2018
  6. MsKillerqueen5 February 23, 2018
  7. Pxel Guy February 23, 2018
  8. Tea Croatia February 23, 2018
  9. galaxy foxgamer079 February 23, 2018
  10. Dazy February 23, 2018
  11. BlacK KinG February 23, 2018
  12. Radekgfx February 23, 2018
  13. Sarah W. Fox February 23, 2018
  14. gerald West February 23, 2018
  15. Chris February 23, 2018

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