Bait and Switch Fails: Fooled you! (January 2018) | FailArmy

Sometimes things aren’t as the seem, and don’t play out like you think they would. FailArmy calls that the ol’ Bait N’ Switch! Enjoy some of our favorites, let us know which one you like best in the comments!


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Baby Gives Dog His Pacifier
Guy Pretends to Be Asleep While Driving
Raccoon Steals Woman’s Fish
Guy Wakes Up With Household Items Stacked on Him
Koala Oversees Wine Making Process
Motorcyclist Doing Wheelie Almost Crashes into Cameraman
Guy Surprises Girlfriend With Arrest Proposal
Guy Cuts Wood With Motorcycle Saw
Guy Feeds Alligator Hotdog From Own Mouth
Guy Tries To Dive Through Small Inflatable Donut in Pool
Woman Pranked with Fake Butterfly in Card
Guy In Dummy Costume Wrestles Guy
Small Dog Protects Home
Guy Fails Ice Bucket Prank
Mom Pranks Son with Fake Report Card
Bass Jumps Back at Fisherman
Woman Scared of Spider Decoration
Owner Tricks Dog with Costume
Deer Tries to Mount Duck Hunter
Guy Records Himself While Pretending to Drive
Guy Rides Backwards on Tandem Bike
Mom Mistakes Son’s Pet Crab for Spider
Guy Dumps Bucket of Water onto Friend’s Head
Girl Scares Grandmother With Contortions
Bear Gets Hit in Nuts While Playing With Water Tank
Dog Attempts to Squeeze Through Metal Gate
Golden Retriever Gets Jealous of Stuffed Animal

Bait and Switch Fails: Fooled you! (January 2018) | FailArmy



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