Avoiding Online Dating Scams – Make Your Choices

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For some people, finding the right person online can be a gift from heaven. Sadly, for others this endeavor can lead to some life-ruining actions and decisions. Ending up heartbroken, penniless or with various other problems should not be a normal thing when setting out to try online dating. The only sure way to avoid romance scams is to be ever vigilante as to how they occur and how to spot them before they start. Even if you find the best free dating site in USA, you should always be mindful or potential scammers.

Noticing something is wrong

Be attentive when talking to someone on the internet and also pay particular attention to what the messages are saying and the manner in which they are being sent. If you ask a question and the answers are way too vague then that’s a first red-flag. You might also notice that the answers you receive are typed way too fast for a normal person to be able to do.

Consider the language that the person is using. Do not expect that every profile you see on the website is from the same country as you. Reports are showing that many scam artists are from countries where English isn’t their native language and as such seeing someone write in poor English can be a good first sign that you should be more careful as to what you say and what you do from now on.

Pay attention to the picture that the person is using. This sometimes might be enough to get a good idea if this is scam when paired to the way the person is responding to your messages or how he talks in general. Scammers sometimes use fake pictures to make themselves more attractive than they actually are. If he talks like someone in their late 50s but he shows you a picture of someone from their earlier 20s then alarm bells should definitely start ringing.

What to do after you spot a scammer

Once you are pretty certain that the individual you are talking to is a scammer, you should consider taking some steps into stopping this person. This does not mean that you should try and physically meet the person and expect them to be sorry for what they did. Take screenshots of the conversations you have with him and of the pictures he sends and report them to the Administrators of the website, this will more than likely result in the account being suspended but nothing more than that. Informing the proper authorities of this could perhaps convince them in launching a more in depth investigation and hopefully catch the scam artist.

Alternatively, if you do not want to risk yourself getting involved into lengthy processes with the Law consider just ceasing communication with them entirely. Block their emails, do not accept their phone calls anymore. Consider also changing your passwords to be extra sure of your own security.

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