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Heads up! It’s time to check out the fails of the week! This week we have a woman getting zapped by an electric fence, the worst movers on earth, and more! Submit your videos to


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Why You Might Not Want to Use a Dog For a Gender Reveal
Always Wear Your Helmet
Did Somebody Say Fireball?
I’m Missing Something…
Man Tries to Jump into the Ocean from his Boat
Fluffy Cat Fails to Lift Herself Up
I was Way More Stuck Than My Bike
Woman Gets Head Stuck in Truck’s Oversized Exhaust Pipe
Guy is Pranked by his Friends While Welding
Movers Accidentally Drop Wardrobe off Balcony
Armored Car Full of Cash Drives Down Highway with Door Open
Girl Falls into Bush
“Ding Dong Ditch Goes Wrong
Woman Pees Pants After Touching Electric Fence
What the Fluff Challenge Goes Wrong
Dog Sends Gender Reveal Balloon Floating into Sky
SUV Attempts to Scale Steep Riverbank and Flips Over
Dog Jumps on Guy’s Nuts
Motorcyclist Flips Onto Road After Failed Wheelie Stunt
Girl Accidentally Kicks Spotter’s Face
Little Boy Slams His Scooter into a Wall
Flock of Birds Poop on Little Boy’s Nose
Guy Blames Wife Chainsaw Fail
Barbell Rack Tips Over and Knocks Weight Over Athlete’s Head
Pony Accidentally Knocks Guy Into Bucket
Dogs Don’t Care for Owner’s Disappearing Act



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