5 Tips to Make Dating More Fun

A lot of people take dating very seriously. It’s all about getting dressed up and fretting about making a great impression. Those involved get friends involved. Fashion tips are sought. Not those heels, you look like a drunken giraffe! Advice about the best restaurants. Which aftershave? Is this perfume too overpowering? For every one pre-date question that gets answered, several more appear.

Time out! Dating should never feel like a major hassle. It should be the most fun that couples can have together before they get round to doing that other thing that couples do together. So here are 5 tips to make dating more fun.


Try virtual dating

Use dating websites. This allows you to dip into the world of singletons at your own pace. There’s never any pressure. You can scan through the profiles, soaking up the dreamy expressions and glimpses of flesh. Don’t worry, the people at the other end can’t see your expression as you screw your nose up at anyone and swipe past. You could even practice imaginary conversations as your attention hovers over someone who really has caught your eye.


Be naughty

Dating sites also allow you to be a bit more daring than you are in the real world. They won’t transform you into a superhero but they can bring out a darker site. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. You might find yourself drawn to a local married woman. Tsk tsk. But she’s gorgeous. And she’s joined a dating site. She has obviously decided to live a little dangerously, too. That makes two of you!


Role play

Once you’ve been seeing your partner for a while, you might want to try out some games. How about this? You head into a hotel bar for a drink. Your partner comes in, wearing an outfit you’ve never seen before, and with her hair styled differently. She approaches you and pretends to be an escort who wants to ensnare a single guy. She uses a different accent. You can spend time flirting the way complete strangers do, building the electricity. Complete the charade by booking a room for the night.

Funny meme ☺


Different pastimes

Life is all about spontaneity. An easy way to spice things up is to try things you’ve never done before. The only limits are your imagination. You might not want to suggest base-jumping together in the first instance, but there are a thousand-and-one things you could try out, from gin tasting to kayaking. Why not combine the two? Perhaps not.

People jumping from the building

Imagination has no limits


Get social

Before settling on a partner, why not go into an online chat room and let your imagination run riot? Try out your flirting techniques with as many individuals as take your fancy. Become a social butterfly flitting from person to person, all the time boosting your confidence.


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