Internet dating site has released its 7th annual “Singles in America” survey. Conducted under the guidance of biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, it’s an exhaustive and fascinating look at what it’s like to be single in the American of today, by compiling the responses of more than 5,000 unmarried people about their sex lives and attitudes toward dating. Some of the findings are startling, to say the least.


2. Among the biggest turn-ons: Being an entrepreneur, actually calling on the phone, and being anti-social media.

3. Among the biggest turn-offs: someone who complains on Facebook, being too active on social media, and having not voted in the presidential election.

4. Millennials are 270% more likely than those of other generations to get turned on by someone who binge watches the same TV shows that they do.



6. 34% of singles have had sex before a first date.

7. Single men are less likely to consider regular nights out with the guys/girls a “must-have” or “very important” (only 55% of men consider it important while 64% of women find it important).

8. Those who say they “really enjoy” oral sex had an average of six times more than sex the average person.

9. People who have cheated on their partners are 218% less likely to regret a one-night stand.

10. Flirting location most likely to lead to a first date: at a bar (64%), at the laundromat (43%), and at the gym (42%).

11. 69% of single men take between 30 minutes and one hour to prepare for a date (vs. 73% of women).


13. Obviously: Guys who don’t own smartphones are 272% less likely to have sent a dick pic.

14. 90% of women say they are “totally unaroused” by a dick pic.


16. Android users are 15 times more likely to negatively judge someone for having an iPhone.

17. iPhone owners are 21 times more likely to negatively judge someone for having an Android.

18. 43% of singles have fallen in love with someone they did not initially find attractive.

19. 72% of singles do not want to hear about your past relationships while on a date.

20. People from San Jose have been in love the most, on average: 5.6 times.

21. People who live in Jacksonville, Florida, have been in love the least, on average: 1.8 times in their lives.


23. 93% of men are in favor of women initiating sex for the first time.

24. Things people lie about the most on a first date: sexual history (19%), dating history (18%), and finances (12%).


26. 68% of singles approve of polyamorous relationships…but only 6% have been in one.

27. City most approving of polyamory: El Paso, where 86% of the people are cool with it.