18 people recall a time they saw somebody just f**king snap

Eventually, we all just can’t take it anymore. And often that’s in public, for the entertainment and concern of others who probably didn’t see all the other stuff that led to that moment. Nonetheless, seeing another person just aboslutely lose it is a memory that sticks around, as these people from Ask Reddit can attest.

1. Costner_Facts saw somebody who had a very good reason to get mad, until she didn’t anymore.

I had a coworker get up from her desk, throw her keyboard against the wall, and go sit in the corner and start bawling uncontrollably. The reason? All of the data in her payroll program had been deleted.

What actually happened is that she opened the wrong program. Everything was just fine in the correct program.

2. TheTimeWeWaste saw a poor innocent door get beat up.

During a charity event, the manager of a pizza place I used to work at couldn’t handle the stress. After being hit with a string of complaints he finally yelled out in a high pitch voice, “i hate working here.” He the. Proceeded to pound his head on the walk in door leaving a few dents behind.

3. Batter up, MistahZig.

My dad was in traffic once and he saw a car break down. The guy (wearing a buisness suit) casually got out of the car, opened the trunk and got an alluminium baseball bat. He then proceeded to beat the living shit out of the car. Windows, lights, the whole work. Once he was finished, he fished out his briefcase from the now-ruined car, ripped off the license plate from the car, then casually/calmly walked to work (we think).


4. MadLintElf will leave you in stitches.

They were in our ER and didn’t like the fact that they had to wait to get a few stitches in their head. Didn’t want to hear that the critical patients came first.

The guy was piss drunk and punched one of the admitting staff in the face, wound up being tackled by security, cuffed and put into the psychiatric observation suite overnight then the police arrested him for assault.

5. He was driven to it, FatFriar.

Had a shuttle driver working for us (car dealership). He would go pick up customers after their car was done being serviced. Unfortunately we call him because there was another pickup while he was on his run, and he flipped his shit.

He started screaming unintelligibly, but some of it we definitely understood, like how he was going to run the car off a cliff or into oncoming traffic and he had a customer in the shuttle van the whole time.

Lo and behold, the customer gets here and calmly tells our adviser that our shuttle driver is a disgrace. He was fired soon after and had another minor freak out.

6. A very knife story from sweetrhymepurereason.

I worked at a Mexican grill years ago. The older quiet dude who always kept to himself but was basically pleasant just lost it one day. He was chopping chicken to put on the line when one of the line employees called out “86 chicken!” The guy LOSES IT. “I’m already FUCKING. MAKING. CHICKEN.” He throws the chopping knife sideways at the wall and the tip of it sticks. He pulls it out and throws it again, towards the line, narrowly missing an employee. The knife lands in the barbacoa, splattering juices all over. Then he calmly took off his gloves and apron and left.


7. Better her than you, Zibblerzee.

My boss once cut all her hair off in the bathroom at a work Christmas party

8. Got RAGE, fireinvestigator113?

Back in high school, this one really annoying guy would come up and talk to people long enough to subtly steal their milk. One day he happened to pick the kid who was having a terrible day. He grabbed the kid’s milk and started to open it. The kid told him if he opened it, he was going to break the lunch tray over his head. So of course, he opened it. And he had a lunch tray broken over his head. Guy stopped stealing milk after that.

9. And sea turtles, AllKindsofCats!

I was in line at the grocery store and the woman in front of me was obviously unnerved. She was on the verge of tears and shaking slightly.

When it was her turn to check out, the clerk put her first item in a plastic bag and the woman snapped.

She began screaming “THOSE BAGS KILL CATS!!! THOSE BAGS KILL CATS!!!!!!”

It’s a big store, maybe 20 checkout lines, and the whole place turned to look. The woman then went to the front of the store, still yelling about cats, and began pulling the five gallon water bottles out of the racks.

It lasted until several people calmed her down. She sat on the floor and had her head down weeping when I left the store.


10. eYan2541 worked with a guy who just didn’t get the joke. Probably ever.

Guy who worked in the offices at our council retired and his colleagues hired a local pub for his farewell party. One of his ‘joke’ gifts was a lollipop man’s ‘Children Crossing’ sign (in the UK this used to be a job traditionally done by retired people). Unfortunately, the guy was a bit drunk and didn’t like the joke – he totally flipped out and started swinging the thing around like a mace, sending drinks flying and forcing people to take cover. He was eventually restrained and escorted out of the pub. Party over

11. Pistolaaa saw somebody waste a perfectly good plate of airport eggs.

Sitting at the airport in Las Vegas heading home at one of the restaurants this lady took her plate of breakfast and threw it at this guy’s face across the table. Hit him right square in the face, and then she stormed off to the gate which was like 50 ft away.

Guy cleans himself off like nothing happened, walked over to her and she just dropped his boarding pass on the ground, don’t know what caused this but it was pretty entertaining.

12. That was probably a good time for subs_only to pick up a book on emotions.

At university, approaching exam time, girl in the library snapped under the pressure. Picks up a chair, pretty heavy, slams it on the desk several times. Shouts “I just don’t have any outlet for my emotions” and bursts into tears.


13. Some classic dad rage from MonocledSauron.

My dad has always had a temper of sorts, but it was never a real problem. He would fix cars, things around the house, all while cussing up a storm. Classic dad.

One time, i was in middle school and my family was on vacation. We decide to go to Burger King and head to the drive through. This particular BK wasn’t in a great part of the town we were in, and when we pulled around back to the drive through menu we saw about 8 employees having a smoke break. We order, and pull ahead slightly.

Im not exaggerating when i say we sat in line at the drive thru for 40 minutes, my dad growing increasingly frustrated, until he finally started punching the steering wheel and rocking the car violently. My mom started yelling at him, we were all embarrassed, and needless to say i was not hungry after that.

14. shadygon points out that even desk jobs can be dangerous.

Back in second grade this kid had some pretty serious anger issues. One day, (I don’t remember why) he got pissed and threw his entire desk at our teacher. It was pretty damn scary; administration didn’t really know what to do, so he was locked in the gym until he settled down. (Barbaric, I know). Oh, and this happened again in 4th grade. He eventually settled down and became a productive member of society.

15. You know, MistahZig, you usually have to be extra for all that.

Saw a stripper go insane. She climbed on stage, screaming like a banshee, grabbed the stripper pole and started shaking it like an unwanted baby. The manager came behind her and grabbed her in a bear hug. Stripper shoved her fake nails (the super long ones) in manager’s eyes. They pierced both eye lids and went inside his head.

The guy later told me that he could feel the nails scratching the back of his eyeballs.

I have no idea on what kind of drug she was on, but the manager threw her outside on the ground. He then punted her down a flight of stairs so hard she actually flew and landed face-first in the parking lot. She got up like nothing happened, and resumed he screaming and running around


16. wampa_1 takes a stab at it.

There was a bully in my class who would keep poking whoever sat next to him in the ribs while they weren’t looking, and generally just being an asshole, and nobody ever did anything cause he was so big. Anyways, the kid he was messing with that day was having a bad one. After a couple of rib pokes and jokes and whatnot, the kid turned to the bully and said, ” if you poke me one more time I’m going to stab you with my pencil.”

Well the guy just waited a minute and went for another jab in the rib. The smaller kid with no other reaction immediately stood up with his pencil, walked over to the pencil sharpener without looking anybody in the eye, and started sharpening the pencil. After about 20 seconds of sharpening, with the whole class just watching, he walked over to the bully who was also just watching in wonder, and stabbed him right on the shoulder.

The sound that kid made when the pencil went in was so amazing I’ll never forget it. On behalf of my ribs, thank you pencil stabby kid, thank you.

17. Watch out for those flying chips, Drewpacabra, sharp edges and whatnot.

Eating chips and salsa with my brothers and my dad. My dad went in for a dip of salsa, the chip broke off in the biwl of salsa. So he tries to salvage whats left of the chip and goes for another scoop, chip breaks. As my brothers and I were holding back our laughter, my otherwise calm and collected father proceeds to throw the chip across the living room in anger. We all lost it, and he just grabbed another chip and proceeded like nothing happened.

18. She couldn’t think of an upper case letter and a symbol, GOpencyprep.

I’m a software engineer and one day at work I heard a woman a few offices down just go “fuck this….no, FUCK THIS!” and then stormed out, grabbed a box, went back in her office, swept all her shit off her desk into it, and just walked out – no one heard from her again.

I went in to look at her computer, and it was on the regularly scheduled windows login “change your password” prompt – and the thing was there was no error message – which means it’s not like she attempted a password and it didn’t take, no, it was just time to change her password and the idea of that was just too much for her, I guess?

We work in tech, we change our passwords regularly, and she’d been at the company like 8 years, this wasn’t some new thing.

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