10 Greatest Scientific Breakthroughs

It seems the world of science fiction is increasingly becoming a reality.

From cloning animals to finding the God Particle, AllTime10s brings you the 10 greatest scientific breakthroughs.

15:00 – London, UK (BST)

2:00 – Auckland, New Zeland (NZST)
0:00 Sydney, Australia (AEST)
23:00 – Tokyo, Japan (JST)
22:00 – Beijing, China (CST)
21:00 – Jakarta, Indonesia (WIB)
17:00 – Moscow, Russia (MSK)
17:00 – Athens, Greece (EEST)
16:00 – Paris, France (CEST)
16:00 – Cape Town, South Africa (SAST)
15:00 – Lisbon, Portugal (WEST)
11:00 – Rio de Janeiro (BRT)
10:00 – New York, USA (EDT)
9:00 – Lima, Peru (PET)
9:00 – Mexico City, Mexico (CDT)
8:00 – Calgary, Canada (MDT)
7:00 – Vancouver, Canada (PDT)
7:00 – California, USA (PDT)
4:00 – Hawaii, USA (HAST)

Music = Rising Tides by Lucas Cantor / Dan Martinez / Thomas Parisch

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